What’s going on with me I can’t? After a disappointing opening weekend with a seventh and a fifth place in Meulebeke-belgium and The, the world now down Poldercross in Kruibeke. The victory was the European champion, anne-marie and Sausage. The 23-year-old Dutch-set before the start of the second round will be a solo. Yara Kastelijn was runner-up for Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado, which is the stage and all were Dutch.

I Cant explain it was, however, well, left behind, and the European champion Fabian Sausage that is right in the lead. However, the world was in the Netherlands it was superseded by the achtervolgsters, and he gave a little later on. However, they do not get sick or they came not at the fall. It is now looking into the cause of the bad start of the season.

the a Lot of wanted to I can’t not want to lose her giving in Kruibeke. She’s just not. I just had an offday. More so, you don’t to look for. On Sunday I will be in the works. We’ll see how it goes.

the Sausage was being ground there was not to be and turned it into a onewomanshow of it. Behind it, the European champion, beating Yara Kastelijn, Kaitlin Keough, Anna Kay in the other.

the Worst was with a slipper, while behind her Acting, Kastelijn, Arzuffi, Kay Alvarado, and Keough samentroepten 30 seconds behind the lone leader. But not for long, however. Arzuffi, accelerated, and pulled up just on the hunt for Sausages and the like, there is a solid line on him.

Just as the battle for the remaining podium places proved to be very exciting. This bikkelden Arzuffi, Alvarado, and Kastelijn work. The latter muisde with Alvarado below. Kastelijn and let her metgezelle, in full, final, down, and secured, as by the next place of honor.

Kim, The Stone was eighth, just in front of Ellen Van Loy. Champion Sanne Cant had an offday, and gave up halfway.

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“I didn’t expect that I’m so early, it would weggeraken,” said Treat. “I rode at my own pace, and opened a gap. It was, however, a heavy cross, but I didn’t believe in the success of my experiment. I just wish more of the rest of you waiting, because I felt very, very good. It will be a great start.”

The Netherlands has had in her country and teamgenote Yara Kastelijn. “I was in the second place, did not expect this, I was hoping to be”, according to Kastelijn. “We are fine with the two girls on the same team on the podium. We were able to have a completely stage, on a 777, but Alice Maria Arzuffi was the pace of it. In the battle for the second place, I had a hard struggle, but I managed to get it done Caylin del Carmen Alvarado, follow me to keep up.”
More over I can’t I can’t start this weekend, and her veldritseizoen was Already looking for the new one can’t, with the help of Crelan, and AN “If I stop, I would hope that the follow-up IN the PICTURE. Mathieu van der Poel and Sanne Cant win the dernycriterium in Antwerp: “I’m training already for the world cup to win,” the Belgian champion Merlier in wegritselectie for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, Campenaerts to defend tijdrittitel