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HBO Max has retrieved the movie “gone with the wind” in his catalogue of the united States, with the warning that the tape “denies the horrors of slavery” and a video that contextualizes the racist portrayals of the work of 1939. Prior to the issuance of the film, the doctor of the university, and a specialist in cinema, Jacqueline Stewart (University of Chicago) argues in an introduction that “this epic drama of 1939 must be seen in its original form, contextualizarse and discussed”.

In the presentation, the professor explains that the film “was not praised universally” in its premiere, because “gives the image of the american south” before the war of Independence “as a romantic backdrop and idyllic setting which has tragically been lost”. “The treatment of the world through the lens of nostalgia denies the horrors of slavery and its legacy of racial inequality,” he says.

however, although he admits that it “may be uncomfortable”, it considers “important classic films of Hollywood are available in their original form”. “What with the wind” is issued in full and without censorship, as promised by the platform when she awoke to a controversial international when you remove the tape from your catalog two weeks ago, so “temporary”.

“Acceptance of slavery”

in Addition, next to the film suggests the view discussion of experts entitled “The Complicated Legacy of ‘Gone With the Wind'” (The complex Legacy of “gone with the wind”).

The movement of HBO has coincided with the decision of other companies such as Disney, that includes the label “this program is presented as it was originally created, it may contain representations and outdated cultural” in ancient classics, which contain winks, and details under the gaze of the TWENTY-first century would drive by racist and outdated.

“What the wind” was accused in his day by activists as the screenwriter african-american Carlton Moss, who criticized the stereotypical depiction of black characters for being “lazy, clumsy, irresponsible,” and show a “radiant acceptance of slavery”.