Becoming a millionaire is the dream of many people. Loto, EuroMillions… While some rely on gambling to achieve this where the chances are slim, others rely on a much more down-to-earth strategy: savings . You don’t need a big salary to do this. A median salary may indeed be enough to be a millionaire at retirement age.

In order to achieve this objective, a savings plan over several decades must be set up. Discipline, patience and regularity are the key words of this strategy. You still have to start saving and investing in the stock market young, and know how to take some risks. Because, it is thanks to the virtuous effect of compound interest that you will reach the million euros once retirement comes. This mechanism comes from the reinvestment of interest and dividends in the starting capital. In fact, when the rate of return remains fixed, the capital increases greatly, while generating additional interest.

The long-term horizon allows you to boost the return on your wealth by diversifying your portfolio, in order to smooth out stock market risks.

As noted by Maëlle Caravaca, financial adviser with the Instagram account @enpriveconseil, you have to start investing at the age of 20, €10,000 in the stock market, then:

With an annual return of 9% on average, you will reach 1 million euros at age 65, in theory.

The practice, which depends on the vagaries of everyday life, your projects and economic developments, can be upset. Anyway, with a regular investment, you will be able to put a large sum aside for your retirement. Do not hesitate to take advice from an expert before you start.