The amount of the pension that a former worker can receive depends in particular on his remuneration before the cessation of activity. How much can you expect to earn with more than 3,600 euros net per month?

In France, wealth is often presented as a taboo. The same goes for remuneration, which it is common to keep quiet… and which is also essential for the correct calculation of the amount of the pension to which any worker will – in theory, at the very least – one day be entitled. . Although the average annual salary of the best 25 years is not the only important factor in the calculation model, it remains essential. Which means, unsurprisingly, that the wealthiest do statistically better than the most vulnerable.

But what is it to be well off, exactly? In 2022, recalls Europe 1 on its site, the Observatory of Inequalities published a report on this subject. The wealth threshold proposed by the organization is potentially lower than what French women and men might think. It is in fact set at 3,673 euros net per month, after tax, for a single individual without children. How much could such a worker earn, after having liquidated his pension rights?

To identify the potential retirement that a hypothetical retiree who earned 3,673 euros per month at the end of his career could receive, Planet has chosen to draw up his theoretical profile. The latter was therefore born on January 1, 1960, began to work on January 1, 1978, the day of his eighteenth birthday. He or she had no children and remained single.

With 3,673 euros net per month, the worker in question received 56,508 euros gross for the year. Such remuneration, assuming that the career has not been cut, he or she could claim a pension at the full rate of 2,729 euros at the age of 62 years and 8 months (date of departure on 01/10/2022). If he or she pushes up to the age of the full automatic rate, i.e. 67 years old (01/01/2027), the pension received would then increase to 3,169 euros for the general scheme alone, according to Sapiendo.