The law of transformation of the public service of August 6, 2019 had in particular introduced measures aimed at making it more transparent in the eyes of the French. Since then, the top 10 salaries paid by certain civil service employers must be disclosed to the general public each year, according to Capital.

The employers affected are:

The data available to date is dated July 22, 2022, and relates to income paid in 2021. However, some local authorities, numbering 295 out of 345, as well as 70 of the 89 hospitals concerned have not yet revealed their figures. . The ministries have already communicated on their top 10 salaries.

On average, 2.19 million euros were paid by the ministries to their 10 best paid civil servants in 2021. This figure is a marked increase compared to the previous year, when it reached “only” 1.97 million.

It should be remembered that the salaries of civil servants are calculated in particular according to their category: A, B or C. In September 2020, a French civil servant earned an average of 2,776 euros net per month. State employees in the best paid positions, category A therefore, received incomes of an average of 3,005 euros monthly, according to Figures that remain well below the 10 highest salaries of each side of the public service…

Discover the ranking of the amounts of the 10 highest salaries in certain ministries as well as for the other two sides of the public service.