The most important questions and answers – What is the Federal Council for the supply of Switzerland with a vaccine?Global research, after a Corona-vaccination, with Lonza, Switzerland could be at the source. Nevertheless, the fear that the USA would be preferred in the distribution. The most important questions and answers.Claudia Blumer58 Kommentare58Auge on the “final product”, not “component”: Federal councillor Alain Berset, right, and Daniel Koch, a delegate of the BAG for Covid-19, in front of a media conference in Bern.Keystone/ Peter klaunzer why does suddenly the whole world by a vaccine? When will it give him?

The realization is still remote. According to the plans of the major pharmaceutical corporations this could be in the best case, at the beginning of 2021, a vaccine against Covid-19. The Impfthema is since a few days, very present in the media, because the American biotechnology company has announced Moderna, that the first Attempts were carried out with vaccines is positive. The few test persons, in contrast, tolerated the vaccine well and produced antibodies. Further Attempts to stand. At the beginning of may it became known that the Moderna and the Swiss pharmaceutical supplier Lonza have entered into a ten-year partnership. Lonza, the Moderna delivers the active ingredient for the vaccine. The technology transfer will begin in June.

Lonza is a Swiss company in the race for a vaccine against the Corona Virus. We are not at the source?

no. Lonza will not have the vaccine, but supplies only a key ingredient. This Lonza CEO Albert Baehny said in an Interview with this newspaper. The decision as to the distribution of the finished vaccine was Moderna and, ultimately, to the American state. Because of this support Moderna in the development with $ 500 million. In addition, the former Lonza and Moderna Board of Directors Marcel Slaoui has been appointed the chief of the U.S. procurement authority for vaccines. “His focus is on North America, that is clear,” says Baehny. The American population would, therefore, be a priority. But Moderna and Lonza are not the only companies that are working on a vaccine. Worldwide there are 120 development projects. Small, large, public or private companies working in Switzerland.

May not be required to a Swiss company, to sell such an important product in Switzerland?

no, the economic dignity and freedom of trade contradict. And in the longer term, a Notrechts Regime can not be maintained. There is also the competition with dignity and efficiency of the companies involved inhibit: The co-operation between companies that mutually benefit from the knowledge and technology transfer, accelerated the success. The policy speaks finally, when it comes to the license or patent assignment.

We need the finished vaccine. A mere part of no good to us.”

Alain Berset, Minister of health,

What is the Federal Council for the supply of Switzerland with a Corona vaccine?

The interior Department and the defense Department have taken the order, to negotiate with various manufacturers. First of all, you need to evaluate which of the many candidates are the bearers of hope, with which the Federal government could work, said health Minister Alain Berset on Wednesday in front of the media. The Federal Council expects a cost of around 300 million Swiss francs for the necessary doses of the vaccine. To said the circulating Fears that the Swiss population could be due Moderna-Lonza-Deals empty, Berset: “for Us, the end product interested. We need a finished vaccine that protects people. A mere component of the vaccine is no use to us.” In other words: Lonza does not produce the finished vaccine that we need. So we keep the eyes otherwise open. However, even with the Basler group, the talks would continue, said Berset. In addition, the Federal Council was dealing for months with the Impffrage.

And what of other countries that have fewer resources?

Daniel Koch, Covid-responsible for the Federal office of public health, said: “It is always the same principle. We negotiated with the manufacturers. The manufacturer’s view that there is a certain distribution.” The world community will put everything on it, so a chef that everywhere as much as possible is produced, and any scarcity is temporary. They are trying to achieve with the world health organization, the best possible justice. “It worked during the pandemic vaccine last Time. I am confident,” he said in reference to the H1N1 pandemic in 2009. At that time, the Switzerland and many other countries supported an international Initiative of U.S. President Barack Obama, which ensured that developing countries were rapidly access to the vaccine.

The world community will do everything it can to achieve justice.”

Daniel cook, BAG

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