“In the end, only one will remain!” A sentence that still resonates in the heads of all the winners of Koh-Lanta. Launched in August 2001, the adventure game hosted by Hubert Auriol, then the historic Denis Brogniart, unleashed the passions of millions of fans every Friday (then Tuesday) evening on television. Four months after the launch of the cursed Totem edition, they are only four in the running for the mythical pole test. Bastien, François, Géraldine, Jean-Charles… one of them will be voted best adventurer by the final jury, the outcome of which will take place this Tuesday, June 21 on TF1.

Over twenty classic seasons and special editions, Koh-Lanta has allowed around a hundred candidates from the four corners of France, but also from Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, to come and exceed their limits at the other end of the world. Under the sun of Fiji via South Asia or Latin America, these shipwrecked apprentices have chained tests of comfort and immunity, without forgetting strategies and alliances up to formidable advice.

If a few privileged people had the chance to participate in the orienteering race and even to climb the mythical poles of Koh-Lanta, only a handful of lucky people won the game and won the 100,000 euros (promised to the winner as wanted the tradition). After their participation, some candidates fell back into anonymity while others remained in the spotlight.

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