A oefenmatch in an almost empty stadium. Nothing in the game. And even so, Charleroi, coach, Karim Belhocine has managed to get a red card tackle.

Charleroi has won a very oefenpot against the French, Valenciennes ouest-petite forêt, with 0-5 after a goal by Gholizadeh, Tsadjout, Rezaei (2), and the Provost (owngoal). But for the rest, Belhocine, in discussion with the French party-appointed arbitrator, which the him, in yellow, showed. When the ref back down, and Belhocine continued to rage, and was followed by a second yellow card and disqualification from the competition. Belhocine and had to sit in the empty stand behind the dug-out. “I don’t agree with is a failure and called for a moment,” said Belhocine. “The refs reacted a little over the top, but I was excused. If he apologizes accept it, the better it is. If not, too bad.”

Limbombe league

the Mood in a oefenwedstrijdje between the Standard and STVV. Anthony Limbombe was the Rouches with two goals in the lead, but was on the field, kicked by Lee, Seung-Woo.

The 21-year-old South Korean with STVV in the league has not yet replied – it went very fast, with a half back-and-Limbombe, twisted his ankle. The severity of the injury, it is not yet clear, and Lee got away with a yellow. The Standard is to ensure the flankspeler. Marc Brys, and the coach of the Canaries, it was not even thought of and that compared to Lee’s show with peace of mind. “It has nothing to do with the commitment to make it. It’s just not on. If an injury to one of our players, and it would happen, I would not have been established.”

He Carcela, is the nephew of Mehdi, the depth of the score for the Rouches in after the rest are still up 3-0.
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