The first names most often attributed to French newborns have always been markers of a region but also of an era. This year, old glories of these rankings are back in fashion. It’s the case for :

If we can observe different trends over the last decades, it is now the short first names that are popular. “Today, first names of 4 or 5 letters name the majority of births and represent nearly 50% of first names given”, specifies Baptiste Coulmont, author of the book Sociology of first names, in the columns of Parisian.

In addition to being geographical and temporal indicators, certain first names can also augur a bright future for those who bear them.

No parent can skip the step of choosing their child’s first name. No matter which one you choose, it will not have a big influence on the development of your offspring and the person they will become in adulthood. That he is named in one way or another, does not predestine him to become a genius.

However, the EduBirdie site still sought to find out the first names that were most often attributed to those whom the whole world considers to be geniuses.

To do this, he drew up a list of 921 people (mensans, Nobel prize winners, renowned scientists, individuals recognized for their intelligence, etc.).

In the slideshow below, find the female and male first names that were most frequently given to geniuses.