What about the posters of the plan of reconstruction of the art of bullfighting?


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Project of reconstruction of the art of bullfighting. Under that heading, has taken to roll -not walk – to a plan of 33 festivities televised in places of second and third category: 24 bullfights, 4, rejones and 5 calves. All of them, as the sketch -it is not the final-with four bulls, with dates and places to be determined.

Several spokespersons of the Foundation of the fighting Bull and the Union of Bullfighters , Cristina Sanchez, and The Cast between them, have met with several figures to try to take forward the project of this serial of celebrations on television in which the light actuén (almost) for free (“with fees well below the usual”) to benefit from the plan of reconstruction of the art of bullfighting which is likely to boost the committee crisis, and to create a fund “to face the future with guarantees”.

In the project, which yesterday announced Mundotoro but then disappeared from its website, on the posters, with figures such as Rock, King, Juli, Sebastian Castella, or Diego Ventura. But, according to has been able to know ABC, the Jaguar in Peru, for example, has already been unchecked. With all due respect: what paints Rock King , which has its reappearance european descent, with Francisco José Espada and four toretes? (All this, according to the sketch, which is not the definitive one, I repeat). If Rock King is the greatest figure of the present and wants to be the boss, he has to be in everything. Sebastián Castella nor does grace the project. Diego Ventura, the less.

The Juli , in the rear, and the expectation, with his now classical philosophy: if they all go to the front, he continues, but as soon as one gets out of the car, you could put a clean pair of heels. Paul Aguado, announced with Daniel Crespo, nor are you enthusiastic about the project. Or a Diego Urdiales.

Among the figures announced, Enrique Ponce , the bullfighter poster in the new normal: Ponce and two more. In this case, one, Joaquin Galdós, with the bullfight Zalduendo. All, according to this draft, which is not the final and will be implemented next week, as the posters that circulated are not the final nor the actors themselves were aware of them.

From the beginning, those who have not been nor are they expected to are figures such as Morante and Talavante. The sevillian likes little tv and extremadura deserves a reappearance with the category.

they Say that all are feathered. To see up to where… In the case of gangs, in the squares of the third kept the rebate of 25 per cent. And what in the second? You know, “here each one goes to his own, unless I’m going to do my own thing…”

Also some livestock of that deal, apparently, would charge about 1500 euros – want to halt. And Matilla, who has Manzanares and a run of yours in the sketch of these signs, move threads to this slow down. Neither the plan would be holy devotion of the Lozano or other houses of business.

it has Not fallen among the guardians, an issue that began on the backs of them and even more so when it is the rare entrepreneur who does not exercise mentor. If you look at the (non -) movements of management business after the kill in general, and no signs of life in its squares, the weird thing would be that this was a good port.

Now, what does the Foundation organizing posters wonder many? Do you have been asked to the entrepreneurs if you want to organize them these posters and go out once behind the kills where you seem to keep confined? Why four bulls and two bullfighters in posters without argument? How to reduce costs? If, as is rumored, the tele gives you about 80 mil eur for celebration, the more the capacity allowed, would it not be more logical for it to be a full line up of six bulls, and used the old formula of a veteran on the front, a figure in the middle, and a young man behind? Do we only remember the modest to the bullfighting (quasi) free -as many times, of course-? Wouldn’t it be more fair that the figures, if they want to, of course-in the money each one sends each-to donate to such a cause in benefit of the art of bullfighting?

it would Not hurt to listen to the voice of the major employers (Chopera, Matilla, Lozano, Valencia, Houses, Garrido) that from the 14th of march seem to live in a zero-phase permanent. And they will be directed to attempt this ride. Here everyone has to play their role: the bullfighters, ranchers, entrepreneurs, public… All the elements imported.

here are some combinations that circulated in the sketch (all of four bulls), but that are not the final , but that, a simple sketch: The Juli and Ángel Téllez, with Garcigrande; Rock King and the Sword, with Juan Pedro Domecq; Manzanares and Rafa Serna, with Cuvillo; Castella and Bolivar, with Alcurrucén; Perera and Luis David, with Victorian of the River; Pablo Aguado and Daniel Crespo, with Jandilla; Cayetano and David Galván, Luis Algarra; Ureña and Garrido, Santi Domeq; Urdiales and David Miranda, Daniel Ruiz; Curro Díaz and Emilio to Right, with Victorino; Juan Leal and Toñete, with Lagunajanda; Chacón and Lamelas, with Miura; Paul and William’s Beautiful, with Bohórquez; Ventura and Romero, with the esparto fields; Galán and Léa, with Capes; Rufo and San Román, with The Ventorrillo… According to sources in the committee, “they’re still making posters final and we have to speak with the employers”. It’s more, ABC has been able to know that many bullfighters have met the posters for this sketch over the internet, something that has not fallen at all well. “Who is anyone to write the name of my bullfighter in some posters, unbeknownst to us?”, he says a dispatcher.

If finally this is still to the front, that is with dignity, and in thinking of the general good of the bullfighting , and not by interests, without entanglements. At this time, with almost everything against anything not worth. The image that you give is critical, inside and outside. For once, if you really are concerned and want to go to the front, with all who have said “yes” to a. With category, with integrity, with respect. And with personality and rebellion, which in much-needed check. “For the sake of the art of bullfighting”. With and without quotation marks. For the future of truth. By the Party.

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