A three-year-old who is in the Indian town of Tikamgarh in order to miraculously escapes from death. Friday was a little boy on a balcony at the second floor. He was lucky enough to have a very good guardian angel, just at that moment, I passed a man in a carriage who, to him, happen to be able to capture.

A surveillance camera could be the trap shoot. The young boy was with some family members to play with in the bedroom. “He was hanging on to the railing, but it was out of balance, not to keep it,” he said to the father of the young boy in the local media. The man in the carriage was, however, at the right time in the right place. While he was in the house, passed it, came out of the nursery into the cart to go.

The family had to get down to the nursery to carry it. “We rushed him to the hospital, where several tests are carried out,” said the father. The little boy turned out to be incomplete later. The parents of the toddler said to the man, after some clothing and sweets for the children.

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