The megabeursgang of WeWork is for the time being not to. The We’re Company’s, the parent company of the owner of the shared space, and it has formally submitted a request to have the plans for a stock market debut at the draw.

at WeWork gold a long time as a promising business. However, since the plans for an initial public offering became known, were, however, more and more seem to be the case. For example, there was considerable criticism of the now departed ceo and co-founder, Adam Neumann, among others, loans to the self-provided. Also asked investors to wonder how much of the company’s internal affairs are put in order was.

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Initially, it was thought that WeWork in an initial public offering with a price tag of just over 47 billion dollars would be given. The most recent estimate was revised downwards to below $ 15 billion. The Japanese shareholder SoftBank saw that this is an initial public offering will not take it anymore.

In an announcement to staff, the new co-CEO’s Artie Minson, and Sebastian Gunningham is that WeWork is still going to go to the show to go on, “but we can do this only once, and to do and want to do it right (…) now We are going to focus on improving our core business, with a focus on profitability”. This is a new attempt to get into the stock market to attract would be for the next year.