Media conference in the Ticker – Lehmann added to the OK to a cost-covering elder dispute about the Lauberhorn race goes on. Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann is not willing to pay the organizing Committee demanded a Million, and criticized, for its part, the marketing of the race.Moritz MarthalerLIVE1 Comment1

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stops The PK is. The Association representatives thank you for the attention and leave the room.

response from the policy?

today is The day you have to get the Association of a Letter signed by many politicians from the Canton of Bern. This would have brought fear to the Lauberhorn-race is an expression of. “We take note, we are glad to resonance. But now we expect also deeds of these people.”

What does the FIS do?

Lehmann is hoping that the international Federation, FIS, grant the necessary room for manoeuvre to the currently unclear situation. It was clear, but seeks to a Swiss solution, a solution with Wengen in the racing calendar.

Why can’t more money from the Swiss Ski?

A Journalist wants to know whether the Swiss Ski with the financing of refusal to kill the Lauberhorn race. A Million out of a sports organization don’t get so easily out, says Lehmann. Also from sponsorship circles, had an increase in the financing is not easy so to do.

value added for the Region

“Everything we say here is not new.” The proposals with the dog topknot bow there for years, the issue of the government’s request for assistance, had already no longer an idea. Finally, the value of the amount added of the race for the Region of around 30 million Swiss francs.

specification for the deficit guarantee

The sum of a deficit guarantee Lehmann is in the height of about half a Million Swiss francs.

at the end of the statement

Lehmann decides to be very generous Statement, and now the questions from the audience, representatives of the press.

further action

With the OK from Wengen, there is the next Thursday for a joint meeting. There you will discuss this proposal. On the same day Urs Näpflin and Urs Lehmann in the case of Federal councillor Viola Amherd have to be dealt with. Also the financial responsible of the Canton of Bern, as well as Baspo-head Matias Remund.

support, Yes – but not a Million

Lehmann calls for better marketing and a deficit guarantee. In a next step, the Association is also willing to pay more money to be put in the oven shot. But a Million don’t be handle, the do not need to save the Alpine Team, which was the idea. Lehmann corrected the support more in the direction of 100 000 Swiss francs.

Lehmann calls for a deficit guarantee

Lehmann looks back on the race to 2020, in January. If the marketing is not wealthy to cover it all, need it for a deficit guarantee. “We are explicitly received on the Lauberhorn OK, have been looking for the dialogue. It came back: “We want the money first from you and then the one with the policy.””

criticism of the OK

Andreas Wyttenbach, head of sponsorship of the OK to attack Lehmann concrete. “He is not a marketing professional.”

bow for the audience at the dog tuft

The idea to build a bow dog hair, would be approved by the Association in General. But it had been mentioned that the yoke is not in the picture of the race. “But it is difficult when asking for additional resources.”


the Budget for the race is about 7-8 million, says Lehmann. The claims are increased in technical terms, is enormous. On the commercial side, the OK, however, to deficits. It should be “personnel and by the thought of her” to a little well-placed.

Lehmann on Näpflin

OK-Chef Urs Näpflin is extremely important for the Lauberhorn race, says Lehmann. “I guess it extraordinary.”

Lehmann leaves room for manoeuvre open

On Wednesday have replaced the Swiss Ski pre – “Wengen” by “Switzerland”. The room for manoeuvre will be left still open, so we can carry on with the Wengen-OK a solution to the situation. But a Million more could and would not pay in the long term.

Financial situation

In the last five years, from 2014 onwards, had been five sweeps three in deficit. Starting in 2014, the new line had been at work, notes Lehmann.

Wengen is important for the Swiss sports

Lehmann underlines the position of the ski Race in international racing. Swiss Ski have always offered Hand, as long as the demands were reasonable.


Urs Lehmann welcomes the round and sees the Moment has come that Swiss Ski has to Express. “Wengen is close to our heart,” he says.

the Same is going on here

welcome to the press conference of Swiss Ski, where we answer many of the pressing issues around the uproar to the Lauberhorn-race hope for.

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