The sun does not intend to wait for the summer solstice to raise the mercury in France. From this weekend, we can expect a return of good weather and a weekend worthy of a month of July in France. The cause: the Azores anticyclone which will head towards France on Friday, as indicated by La Chaîne Météo.

It will spread over the territory “with less hot air over our northwestern regions, while very hot air will persist over the Mediterranean basin and the southern half of our country”, specifies the specialized site.

In addition to the sun which will shine over the whole country, high temperatures and heavy heat are expected in the southern half of France. In the slideshow below, discover the 47 departments concerned.

The weekend will not only be marked by good weather, but also by particularly high temperatures. If the north of the country will be able to enjoy a mercury around 25°C, it will be between 30°C and 35°C in the shade in the south of France. “Peaks of 37 °C will be possible in the interior of Languedoc as well as at the foot of the Pyrenees”, specifies the Weather Channel, “i.e. an excess of around 7-8 °C compared to seasonal norms. ”

If you plan to take advantage of this good weather to go to the beach or to sunbathe in your garden, be very vigilant. At this time of year, the UV index is very high and “the risk of sunburn and sunstroke is very high”, reports the specialized site.

This summer climate will also bring some clouds to the southwest of the country on Sunday. The first storms of the season are therefore expected in this region to end the week.