the Crew of the Dutch airline KLM and explains the next Wednesday afternoon for the third time in two weeks, and the work is put down because of the stalled collective bargaining agreement negotiations. The last two actions of the trade union, the FNV, there was a great deal of inconvenience to passengers in the form of cancellations and delays.

as with The previous two actions, which lasted for two hours, but it worked for the whole day due to the flight schedule. This is the job for four hours to lay down how to apply for the bond: from 13: 00 hrs to 17: 00.

“The people are not. They are doing tough and important work, for very little money. And KLM and refuse in an appropriate manner, and to improve,” says DUTCH-reader-friendly edition by: Jan van den Brink on the website of the trade union. The board of directors of the airline, introduced last week, according to the union, a wage increase of an average of eur 2.54 per cent per year, while the trade unions, only about 4 percent want.

now, KLM has called for the forthcoming strike was “incomprehensible and unnecessary”. A spokesman said that it is a eindbod has been reached, and that, in addition, it is an alternative to the table is an approximation of the profit-sharing plan. “This is a great offer.” The company would like to talk further with the union, but also because of the strike, “with tens of millions of euros per day.

the Number of flights, there will be fall out will be on Tuesday, are calculated. The collective labour agreement, ground staff at KLM royal Dutch airlines covers about 15,000 employees. The negotiations have been underway since mid-may.
More about the KLM was forced to lay off 12 flights due to a strike, KLM was forced to lay off one of its daily flights to and from Brussels and Amsterdam: “the Passengers on Thalys, take Dozens of KLM flights affected by the strike at the amsterdam Schiphol airport is 62 KLM royal Dutch airlines flights cancelled due to strike action, and Wednesday morning explains to the staff to re-work it down