This week, calm is definitely not there on the weather side and vigilance is linked. Storms, heat waves, hail…Summer is off to a flying start.

This Wednesday is already shaping up to be the most disrupted day of the week. On the program: heat waves, thunder, lightning, showers, wind and hail! Almost the entire territory is affected.

“With the exception of a northern third of the country, the threat of stormy showers will be present in most of our regions, especially between the afternoon and the evening”, explains the site of the Weather Channel.

In addition, 13 departments are still placed on heatwave vigilance by Météo France this morning:

Temperatures are expected to drop below heat wave thresholds in the late afternoon. Meanwhile, thunderstorms are expected to spread widely over three-quarters of the country.

They will be “sometimes violent in the afternoon and evening from the south-west to the center-east with a risk of hail, violent gusts of wind and intense rain”, specifies the Weather Channel.

90 departments are thus placed in orange or yellow vigilance by Météo France this morning. In our slideshow, find out what time lightning is likely to strike your home*.

Thunder had rumbled on Tuesday afternoon in many departments, sometimes accompanied by impressive hailstones.

The stormy disturbances are set to last until this weekend. Thursday and Friday, however, they should affect fewer regions.

* according to the Météo France bulletin on June 22, 2022 at 8 a.m.