Be vigilant this afternoon! More than 80 departments in total are placed on vigilance by Météo France, of which 31 are subject to orange vigilance. Storms are therefore likely to be particularly violent and damage is to be expected in the regions concerned.

This new burst of summer thunderstorms should start at midday from the center-east of the country, and spread northeast in the afternoon.

New salvo of severe thunderstorms starting at midday in the center-east and spreading northeast in the afternoon.

The institution’s website warns: these are “numerous and probably very violent storms, likely to locally cause very significant damage to homes, parks, crops and plantations.”

The storms will most certainly be accompanied by the following phenomena, still according to the forecasts of Météo France:

In our slideshow, discover the 25 departments placed in orange vigilance and the time when the storm will be the most violent there*.

In addition to these 25 departments, almost the entire territory could be subject to thunderstorms this afternoon. 60 departments are thus placed on yellow alert. Only the Côte-d’Azur and Brittany seem to escape the risk.

Moreover, the disturbances should ease in the evening. But on Friday, thunderstorms are expected again in eastern France, mainly, where they could also be very intense.

The weekend, for now, looks much calmer… But very rainy.

* according to the Météo France bulletin at 11 a.m.