The first heatwave of the year. This weekend is marked by an episode of very early heat, reaching record highs in some parts of the country. According to La Chaîne Météo, “the heat wave thresholds have now been reached up to the level of Poitou-Charentes with minimum temperatures in the early morning at 20°C. If, this afternoon, temperatures should not yet exceed 35°C this afternoon, the rise will be brutal tomorrow”. Thus, the scorching heat should continue in the same regions and increase in the center-west of France.

The site specializing in meteorology reports a “tropical” night in the south of France, with temperatures between 18 and 20°C. The French should still have trouble sleeping tonight, as the thermometer could reach up to 24°C locally… Discover the departments where it will be the hottest in our slideshow below.

In hot weather, the government advises mainly to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly and staying cool. Here are his other recommendations: