A real All Saints’ Day. If summer played extra time this weekend, with temperatures exceeding 30°C in places, it is definitely returning to the locker room at the start of the week with the arrival of November. Temperatures are indeed dropping today in much of the country, as the weather looks choppy in the coming hours. Météo France has placed 49 departments on yellow or orange vigilance for storms or violent winds this Monday, October 31, from this afternoon for some and until tomorrow morning for others.

In its latest bulletin, the institute evokes an “autumn storm occurring after a long period of calm”. “A low pressure system, named Claudio, will deepen at the end of the afternoon and this evening (…) generating very strong winds until tomorrow morning”. A handful of departments are on orange alert for this phenomenon, and it will be necessary to expect gusts blowing between 110 and 130 km / h on the coasts, between 90 and 110 km / h inland.

About fifteen departments are also placed on yellow alert for thunderstorms this Monday, October 31, until the morning of Tuesday, November 1. The Weather Channel evokes “a brief but very significant rainy-stormy and windy degradation”, which “will put an end to the period of exceptionally mild and warm weather that we are currently experiencing”. The latter will have “a strong activity because it will bring a change in air mass”, driving out the hot air and replacing it with “cooler ocean air”, adds the specialized site. According to his forecasts, “the transition promises to be brutal, which is why this deterioration promises to be virulent, even if it is short-lived”.

Wind, storms, rain… We will have to be careful in the departments concerned by this new alert. Will this depression come to you in the afternoon, in the evening or at night? Find out below, according to forecasts from Météo France.