A very summery time. For this last week of October, the weather has in store for us conditions worthy of the month of June with great mildness punctuated by a few storms. According to the forecasts of La Chaîne Météo, a site specializing in meteorology, an “exceptionally mild” air invades the territory, but the clouds are gaining ground in the west, with the possibility of a stormy evolution in places.

So much so that 23 departments have been placed on yellow storm vigilance by Météo France for the afternoon of October 25, 2022… Find out which ones in our slideshow below. The information provided is based on the vigilance bulletin from Météo France at 3 p.m. and is subject to change.

People concerned by vigilance are invited to stay informed of weather conditions and to move away from risk areas: wooded areas, water points, mountains, high points, metal structures…

In the event of a storm, it is preferable to postpone certain tasks at home. For instance :

So pay attention to the various vigilances and weather alerts in progress at your place when there is a storm in the air.