The successive heat waves of this summer are still fresh in the memory of the French. While winter promises to be rather harsh, and anxieties about the energy crisis are gripping people’s minds, a wave of mildness, even real heat, is expected from Sunday.

Temperatures had however dropped rapidly at the start of autumn. But this episode follows this year’s dry and hot trend, with forecasts indicating temperatures exceeding the seasonal average by more than 7°C, according to meteorologist Guillaume Séchet, interviewed by Le Progrès.

Guillaume Séchet specifies however that the impression will obviously not be the same as during a heat wave strictly speaking… and so much the better! Temperatures will be exceptionally high for the season. The days in October are shorter and the sun lower, so we should reach summer temperatures in the South, and a more spring-like climate in the North of France, with significant temperature differences over the day, always d after Progress.

According to Guillaume Séchet, this heat would be the consequence of a depression on the Atlantic. Indeed, a current of hot air will rise from Algeria and Morocco to continue its momentum in Spain, then in France. The meteorologist predicts a “foehn” effect in the South-West, which occurs when the air compresses, and therefore warms up more before crossing a natural barrier, here, the Pyrenees.

This hot flow coming from the South is not normal in this season, and represents one more symptom of climate change. The weekend promises to be quite rainy, which is not a bad thing considering that the effects of this summer’s drought have not yet dissipated.

While waiting for the rain, Planet offers you the list of departments in which it will be (very) hot this Sunday, according to the Météo France website.