The summer will be hot. In any case, this is what the forecasters say, who believe that the arrival of a new wave of heat waves from the beginning of July is very likely.

The Weather Channel announces 21 sunny days for the month. Between 1981 and 2010, the national average temperature in July was 20.8°C. The year 2022 could break new records in this area.

“For this month of July, the minimum temperatures are on average 17°C and the maximum 25°C”, explains the Weather Channel.

And locally, the mercury could climb very high, to levels worthy of a heat wave. At the beginning of July, we expect, according to the latest forecasts, up to 36°C in certain regions.

If you plan to go on vacation at this time, beware of heat stroke. In 32 departments, the sun will be strong and it will be above 30°C*. Discover the list in our slideshow.

On the temperature trend for the period from July 4 to 17, Météo France specifies for its part that “Temperature should become generally higher than normal for the season”.

After a first wave of early heat wave in the middle of June, and when summer has barely started, we must therefore prepare to suffocate again.

On the weather side, showers, even thunderstorms, could come to play the spoilsport, or, at your choice, refresh a particularly heavy atmosphere. “We must expect 19% of the time threatened by generally heavy rain”, specifies the site of the Weather Channel.

It is probably the first and last days of the month that promise to be the hottest.

*According to Météo France forecasts on June 21, 2022 at 12 p.m.