Weather: the departments where it will be very cold on Wednesday morning


Last week, heat records were broken in many regions of France for the month of May. But the heat wave that crossed the country, as exceptional as it was, should not last this week. Quite the contrary. *

The latest weather forecasts paint a completely different picture, rich in contrasts. No more beautiful weather, scorching sun and summer temperatures. The weather is rather thunderstorms, showers and a certain freshness.

From Monday, very active stormy disturbances will sweep France from east to west. “The cooling that accompanies these storms is remarkable with 10 to 15°C lost in 24 hours!”, explains the Weather Channel.

Tuesday, the rain will be at the rendezvous on a large part of the territory. Temperatures should not rise above 25°C in Marseille. This renewed freshness will be particularly striking on Wednesday morning, when the mercury will flirt with 5°C in many departments. It will be “the coolest morning of the week with locally some possible white frosts in the north”, continues the specialized site.

Fortunately, the afternoon will be milder in terms of temperatures. The weekend and the Ascension weekend should be more pleasant, with temperatures slightly above seasonal averages.

In the meantime, you will have to bring out the windbreakers and rain boots. Because in these 40 departments, it will be less than 8°C on Wednesday morning. The list in our slideshow.