The arrival of winter, finally? After a very mild first half of November, temperatures will drop drastically this weekend in a large part of the country, as Planet explained to you this week. It will even be necessary to expect -9°C in places, as well as the first falls of snowflakes. As La Chaîne Météo explains, temperatures will drop this Saturday morning, which will be the coolest morning of the week and weekend.

The next day, Sunday November 20, the country will be crossed by various disturbances, with “sustained rains and strong winds”, adds the specialized site. “Heavy showers will fall over the whole west in the afternoon”, it is added and the temperatures will remain cool since it will be almost 10°C cooler than the previous Sunday. What should we expect for the days that will follow?

According to forecasts from La Chaîne Météo, this cold weekend will be followed by very disturbed and choppy weather, due to a “very dynamic westerly flow with active disturbances which will follow one another for a good part of the week. “. “Precipitation will sometimes be sustained and episodes of strong winds are expected, because the depressions will circulate near the country”, adds the site.

For the following week, from November 28 to December 4, you will have to take out your gloves and scarf again, because the cold will be back, according to the forecasts from Météo France. The institute indeed indicates a drop in temperatures on its maps for the weekend of November 26 and 27. In many departments, while the thermometer is already lower than in the rest of the country, it will go down a notch again at this time. Find out which ones below.