A category 4 hurricane. Tropical storm Danielle, classified as such this Sunday, September 4, 2022, will indeed affect France in the days to come. But rest assured: by then, its intensity should drop and it will therefore no longer be a cataclysm. “By getting closer to Europe, Danielle will lose its tropical characteristics, and will therefore lose power”, details Ouest France.

For the time being, this depression is at the level of the North Atlantic, with gusts of wind exceeding the threshold of 150km / h, and should reach France by next week. Concretely, this will involve heavy rains and strong gusts of wind… Particularly in certain departments, nearly twenty. Discover the list of territories concerned in our slideshow below.

For its morning update, the GFS digital model is among those to glimpse the ex-hurricane

Nothing more than a simple depression taken over by the flow. A USUAL situation at our latitudes (rain, strong wind). pic.twitter.com/7mehJecETx

— Guillaume Séchet (@Meteovilles) September 4, 2022

This bad weather, which therefore changes from a hurricane to a simple depression, could have an influence on the weather for the coming weeks and therefore on the balance sheet for the month of September. On Twitter, meteorologist Yann Amice speaks of a “reactivation of a wet axis on the Atlantic”.

To follow the

— Amice (@Yann_amice) September 5, 2022