Will November 2022 be, like October, the hottest month ever recorded since records began? One thing is certain: several disturbances are expected for this first fortnight. According to forecasts from La Chaîne Météo, a depression coming from Ireland is generating very mild weather, causing rainy periods and stormy showers for the next few days.

“If this Tuesday’s showers are sometimes sustained and stormy, they circulate quite quickly, avoiding excessive accumulations. On the other hand, the second disturbance tomorrow will hang 24 hours from the Cévennes to the Jura and the northern Alps, with also thunderstorms in the lower Rhône valley”, details the site specializing in meteorology.

The most critical period expected remains Wednesday morning, when maximum accumulations of 100 to 115 mm are expected. On average, these data will rather amount to 60 or even 70 mm.

“There is an estimated risk of around 30% of exceeding these values ​​and locally reaching 100 mm”, nuances the forecaster. In our slideshow below, discover the departments where the most significant rain accumulations are expected between this Tuesday noon and Thursday morning.

In addition, stormy activity is to be expected, particularly in Ardèche, Drôme and Isère. In the afternoon of Wednesday November 9, 2022, the disturbance will move towards the Alps and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

However, the consequences should not be exceptional. The Weather Channel announces slight localized reactions in certain rivers, even local flooding.

“Traffic conditions may be altered on mountain roads due to runoff. Most of the episode will end from 10 p.m. Wednesday evening, but showers will still hang over the Alps until early Thursday morning. “, concludes the specialized site.