For thousands of French people, the holidays begin this weekend! This year, nearly 60% of them said they wanted to spend their holidays in France. But for that, it will be necessary to deal with the weather, sometimes capricious, of the territory.

As such, the last few weeks have been rather intense: heat wave, violent storms, impressive hailstorms… Will the disturbances ball continue in July?

For the moment, the latest forecasts are rather reassuring. The beginning of the seventh month of the year should thus be placed under the sign of… summer! The weekend of July 2 will thus be “summery, beautiful and warm, but not too excessively so at first in the north. On the other hand, in the south-east, it will be increasingly hot”, specifies the Weather Channel.

Saturday should be the best day of the weekend for a large part of the territory. We expect bright sunshine almost everywhere, and up to 36°C in the afternoon. An episode of strong heat is to be expected in the south, from New Aquitaine to the foot of the Alps.

Sunday, on the other hand, it thickens in some regions! The weather is likely to be heavy, even stormy, warns the Weather Channel. “The sky will be more cloudy overall with a stormy degradation during the day over the central regions. It will be necessary to monitor these potentially strong storms in the evening and the following night”, explains the specialized site.

In the afternoon, temperatures could rise to 38°C in the shade.

In our slideshow, discover the 23 departments where the storm could rumble on Sunday.*

* according to the Weather Channel forecast on 06/30/2022 at 12 p.m.