A very bland first weekend in June. This year, Pentecost is placed under the sign of storms, bad weather, rain and even hail. According to forecasts by La Chaîne Météo, a depression rising from the coast of Portugal is causing advection of very hot air over most of France. “This air mass conflict as well as the presence of low pressures generates a lasting and virulent stormy situation, with the triggering of several waves of storms”, specifies the forecaster.

In its latest weather report, Météo France placed 70 departments on yellow storm vigilance, and 10 departments on orange storm alert. “Sometimes violent thunderstorms, accompanied by heavy hailstorms and violent gusts, are expected at the end of the afternoon and evening in the South-West”, specifies the specialized site. Where will the thunder roar the loudest? Who should be particularly vigilant, and at what times? Check it out in our slideshow below. The vigilance put in place by Météo France was published on June 3, 2022 at six o’clock in the morning and is valid until June 4, 2022, at the same time.

But here it is: the storm is not the only violent phenomenon that will affect France in the coming hours. To accompany lightning and flashes, La Chaîne Météo forecasts strong gusts of wind, which can go up to 80km/h locally. In addition, hailstorms are to be feared on the evening of Friday June 3, 2022, particularly between 5 and 8 p.m., “to then give way to heavy rain showers”. The southwestern and central regions must be particularly vigilant.