in The world of darts was shaken this week, as on its foundations. Peter Wright swept, namely, a penalty, a new world record of Michael van Gerwen on the table.

The 49-year-old Scot, who goes through life with the nickname of ‘Snakebite’, which made Monday’s minced meat of his opponent, Krzysztof Ratajski at the Players Championship and the 29th. Wright was less than 72, the arrows are needed in order to six frames to win, it’s good to have a dry 6-0. In addition, he threw an average of 123,5 points.

No one did it once during a televised match, because up until then was the world in the name of Van Gerwen. The Netherlands is number one, threw it out three years ago, with an average of 123,4 points during a 7-1 win in the Premier League.

oddly enough, it was ‘Snakebite’, a round later, is painfully off. The Shot went 7-6 down against Brendan Dolan. For the record, Wright was not in general performance. So threw it out to the World, Kyle Anderson, will ever be an average of the 134,94 points. Two-time world champion, Gary Anderson and worked there ever was one 133,35 points. However, these two games are not live, and therefore, they do not qualify for a world record.