On Saturday, the National Rifle Association announced that its board of directors had reelected Wayne LaPierre, controversial CEO. The gun-rights group announced that Charles Cotton, Ret., was elected president. Lt. Col. Willes Lee was elected as the first vice president and David Coy as the second vice president. Following the annual members meeting, the votes were cast at a Charlotte board meeting. Cotton stated in a statement accompanying the tweet that “The proceedings at Charlotte were an incredible celebration of NRA freedom and fellowship.” “Under Wayne LaPierre’s direction, the NRA has been strong and secure. It is well placed to chart its future course.”


Cotton is most well-known for his blaming the 2015 Charleston massacre on an anti-gun pastor who was killed in the attack. LaPierre was elected to the board despite numerous scandals at the non profit, including a suit filed last year by New York Attorney general Letitia James. This suit alleges that LaPierre and other top executives took millions from the organization and received inappropriate gifts to help them live lavish lifestyles. Cotton, a loyalist to LaPierre, was the chairman of NRA Audit Committee at the time James made her accusations. The group didn’t participate in Saturday’s vote count. Roscoe Marshall, a former board member, asked for an intervention in James’ lawsuit. The suit seeks to disintegrate the organization and asks the court to appoint temporary leadership.