In 2022, 60% of French households will be affected by inflation, according to a study by the French Observatory of Economic Conditions (OFCE) published last March. Since then, the rise in prices has continued on its merry way, and continues to inflict great pain on consumers’ wallets. With the approach of winter, many are those who fear greater use of electricity and heating.

In 2019, the French have already spent 1696 euros on average to heat themselves to 20°C according to figures from the company specializing in energy renovation Effy, relayed by Better Living Your Money. “At the head of the most expensive pack is fuel oil with an average annual amount of 1913 euros. Electricity follows with 1802 euros / year and gas with 1446 euros / year”, specifies the heritage advice magazine. On the other hand, homes that heat with wood pay much less, at the rate of 759 euros per year.

How will France cope with winter, in this context of inflation and energy crisis? To date, 32 of the 56 nuclear reactors in the EDF fleet are shut down. To avoid any cuts this winter, the chairman of the executive board of RTE (Electric transport network), Xavier Piechaczyk, indicated that French consumption would have to drop by 15% during peak hours. Before even talking about blackout, a more burning subject worries households: how to pay the bills?

Telephone, water, electricity or the Internet: several aids exist to help the most precarious households to cope. Check out 9 of them in our slideshow below.