Water is essential for hygiene, health and daily needs. However, like many other resources, its price increases sharply and even reaches peaks in some cities. Thus, if in Paris the cost of the cubic meter remains rather low since it is invoiced 3.65 euros, it has nevertheless experienced an inflation of 15% in ten years, reports Le Parisien.

In addition, the price of a cubic meter of water is distributed in a particularly unequal way on the territory. The figures from the National Observatory of Water and Sanitation Services noted by our colleagues reveal significant price disparities depending on the city.

On December 31, the cubic meter of water was priced at 1.74 euros in Villeneuve-sous-Thury in the Oise department. At the same time, it was 12.23 euros in the town of Sablonnières, in the heart of Seine-et-Marne.

Water bills can sometimes be a headache to read. There are indeed many lines that add up and it is often difficult to realize what the water we use really costs us.

In principle, the price per liter or cubic meter must be indicated on the invoice. It is this figure that makes it easier to realize if our water is particularly expensive or if its price is suitable.

However, there are other lines like the amount consumed that should also be observed. Indeed, to pay less for your water, the most effective trick is to use less. To do this, do not hesitate to compare the bills with each other to see if you manage to really reduce your consumption.

Then there are several taxes and fees that are added to the price of water.