The Washington Football Team announced Wednesday it has hired Natalia Dorantes to function as the coordinator of soccer programs, which makes her first Latina to fulfill that function from the NFL. Dorantes also is now the next woman to get this job.

Dorantes will work closely together and organize schedules across different departments within the group, from clinical to scouting. She’ll work closely with Washington Football Team trainer Ron Rivera.

Dorantes engaged in the NFL’s women’s training forum in February and has been a part of Rivera’s virtual roundtable. She advised The Athletic she reached out to Rivera throughout that occasion through direct message Twitter, only hoping to have”on his radar”

She had been Texas A&M’s communications coordinator for the football team; she joined the Aggies at 2017 as a creative recruitment coordinator after serving as a societal networking content creator for the NFL the same calendar year.

Before that, Dorantes was a societal networking intern for its Arizona Cardinals at 2015 and’16. She had been a social networking student intern for Arizona State’s sports department from 2014 to 2015.

Washington hired a Dark general director before this offseason at Martin Mayhew.

Rivera told the group’s site he typically managed the function Dorantes will deal with. And, he told the group’s website, he enjoyed not having to perform particular tasks and hunted to employ somebody for this role permanently. Rivera, the very best soccer man in the business, said one reason that he wanted a general manager would be to have somebody who may perform jobs that up him to concentrate more on training.