Elke Pattyn will no longer be with the VTM the News at present. The news service of the channel, and the nieuwsanker have “mutually agreed on their co-operation to the end”. Pattyn has worked since 2004 at the news desk as a reporter, and since 2013, as nieuwsanker. That is, let VTM, on Tuesday to know in a press release.

“We want to thank you for the past few years on our editorial board. We would like to wish her the best of luck in the future with whatever they’re doing,” says editor-in-chief, Klaus Van Isacker. The current nieuwsankers will, from now on, the current status of Each of the Pattyn take over immediately and leave.

In July, he and all the roads between the VTM News and political journalist, Jan De Meulemeester.
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