in The VRT needs to be more saving than we originally thought it would. According to the trade union ACOD, there are 250 jobs at the site. Mediaminister Benjamin Dalle of CD&V) believes that a public service broadcaster, the savings in the first instance, with the natural flows for a limited time.

in The VRT-top-turned Friday morning in an internal communication to its employees. “We are very surprised by what we have read about the savings that the VRT is imposed, and to understand that their concern is within the VRT, and that the media sector is great,” notes managing director Paul Lembrechts. According to the budgetary figures, go to 2.4 million in 2020 and each year up to 12 million euro bid for the 2024 games. But there is more: due to the non-indexation of its contribution, and the costs of population ageing, runs the total savings to over $ 40 million in 2024.”

Lembrechts was to say that for the first time, along with the new Mediaminister Benjamin Dalle of CD&V). “Our first priority now is the budget up to 2020, but the decline in saving is soon to be felt. In order to catch it, and the way we function on this level, we have a plan,” he writes.

Naturally flows

prime Minister Benjamin Dalle, Photo: Photo in the News

Benjamin Dalle of CD&V, the new Flemish minister of Media, believes that the belgian’s savings, in a first step, the natural flows can be captured. That’s what he says in a short comment, after the council of ministers.

”It is clear that even with the VRT, an efficiency test must be carried out” said Benjamin It is after the council of ministers. “But we have to look in the first instance, to retirement, and who we will not be able to replace it.”

In a written response afterwards, ” he says of the figure of 40 million is not to be able to confirm this. “It’s going to be a single calculation of the VRT itself. In the coming weeks and months, and in the light of the budget was drawn up, and in the preparation of the new management agreement, the fiscal framework will be further refined. In the single-digits of the VRT is to be in dialogue, to be quiet, as well as the way in which this will be achieved.”

finally, It said that the concerns of the board of directors and the staff of the VRT is to be understood. According to industry insiders, there is a Friday, a begrafenisstemming at the public library.

GCPS: “limit reached”

According to the trade union ACOD, there are 250 jobs at the site. The board will give the signal that you have enough saved. “We have been in the last twelve years to save money. Year after year, we can be more efficient, and more flexible. The lower limit has been reached, and reads the Bd.

“Some of them want to get from the VRT to a staatsomroep you.” That said the trade union ACOD in response to the previously announced cost savings for the public broadcasting service. The union did vrijdagvoormiddag will be a demonstration in front of the building where the council was held, inter alia, at the direction of the VRT would have to go through.

SP.A: “VRT kortwieken”

“I see, I see, since 2014, a clear intention of the previous and the current government in order for the VRT to be kortwieken to be a tiny, insignificant radio station.” That said, the Flemish member of Parliament, Katia Segers (sp.(a) in response to the cuts to the public broadcaster.

moreover, 40 million of savings on top of the burden of cost savings, since 2014, there is a risk that the role of the station as a catalyst for a high quality media from which to run, may stop responding, Katia Segers. “This is where the Flemish, the viewer, the listener and the media users are affected by it. There will be, at least in the range to be cut out.”

Seger, and asked, even the VRT take drastic measures, such as the removal of, for example, the Canvas should be. “These savings are just too much of it, especially since we are from a European comparative study, namely the VRT, in comparison to other European public-service broadcasting is one of the best students, in terms of price, quality, and selection.”
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