In the NDR documentation to the EM-victory of the German handball men three years ago, is Dagur Sigurdsson on the small balcony of a sports hall in Reykjavik, and looking down on the field. He has his parents to characterize him. Dagur, his mother says, have a strong will and always get what he wanted. All three laugh a little apprehensively. If someone from the football scene should describe this 45-year-old football teacher, would fall to him or her, certainly this property: mess with Sigurdsson, attracts the Shorter.

But in this world Cup it will be different. Those who mess with Sigurdssons new team, nothing to fear. Against Macedonia it was to kick off on Friday with a 29:38-defeat. Against Croatia in a 27:35 put it on Sunday. This Monday (20.30 imF.A.Z.-Live scores for football world Cup) against Spain. For almost two years, Sigurdsson Japan trained. A Team that may be thanks to a free map of the world handball Federation (IHF) in Germany and Denmark – at the Asia Championships in South Korea in 2018, it was only Sixth.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

Sigurdsson takes it easily. To Learn his team in this world Cup. Three players from the squad to run for European clubs, and the Rest of the small ball launcher plays for University or work clubs. “We are missing 20 to 30 centimeters compared to the Europeans,” says Sigurdsson. In the Munich group B, which also includes the even Bahrain, and Iceland, is not expected to be much. But it is still a little time to Sigurdssons work will be viewed in the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo is critical.

now, it is very good that Sigurdsson speaks a lot of Japanese, the time-outs, for example, in the language of the country holds. At the beginning of the Millennium, he played three years for Wakunaga, Hiroshima. At that time, the J-League attracted a lot of European Stars. Most of them came because of the money. Sigurdsson was immersed in the Japanese culture, of which he still raves.

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That he can pursue in this world Cup, whether and how the seeds of his work in the German football rises, is a delightful accompaniment. The width of the German squad, he has appreciated just. It was the Start of his work as a national coach 2014 a big Surprise that he made the older players to national players, true to his motto: “Every German has a place in the Bundesliga with a stem, can play in the national team.” Such taboo-breaking brought to the DHB on the trot.

However, the self-conscious Sigurdsson is not a very easy Partner. The Association learned that after the world Cup 2017. Sigurdsson had traveled as Champions of Europe with a topfitten and experienced team to France, through the preliminary round before the 20:21 against Qatar in the second round was whistled. Strangely absent, not with full energy and Sigurdsson had. A missed opportunity. The DHB wanted to do with him, after all there was a contractual option for a further three years of cooperation. However, Sigurdsson had to get his fantastically doped offer from Japan. With almost boundless freedom he should bring the Japanese in the shot. Everything half Begging, nothing. After barely two and a half years, the Icelandic solitaire left the DHB. It was also a gesture on the part of the Association, more flights Home for Sigurdsson, more influence, less control of the DHB. As Sigurdsson realized that wanted to get involved in the Association, no one to make him the “General Manager”, he drew the consequences.