Las Vegas is a strange city. It’s loud, bright and full of superlatives, it may not fit the game’s metropolis to the barren desert that surrounds you. Similar to distant as Las Vegas itself, the held consumer electronics show CES was this week. The industry showed itself to be steadfast in their Faith in themselves, as ever coined the technology optimism of the Show.

Nothing made this more apparent than the traveller, trade fair appearance of Google. The Internet group came up with a huge Stand to put his digital assistant “Google Assistant” in the scene. It was like a Carnival, an elaborate railway fair visitors drove through a world full of everyday situations, which are made of the Google Software that is supposedly easier. Employees in white Overalls and a bobble around caps ran and tried loudly to animate the CES audience of the game.

This Exuberance stand in stark contrast to the sober reality, because the technology industry has a unpleasant year. For Facebook alone. Whether it was the affair to Cambridge Analytica, or the attempt, with questionable methods trusted burnish the reputation of The social network came out of the negative headlines. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quoted before the us Congress, his appearance became one of the lasting moments of the year.

Increasing hostility: “Techlash”time

other companies like Google and Twitter found itself regularly on the Defensive, often no fault of their own. Even in the stock market, where Apple was helped in August to a market value of a trillion dollars, with a view on the industry skepticism wide. Those who hoped that in 2019, could be better, was quickly disappointed. Hardly the new year had started, shocked Apple with the news that iPhones recently, a lot worse sold than hoped.

The technology industry finds itself in an unfamiliar Situation. The times in which everything seemed to her to bounce off, are over, because of their Power and their recent missteps, your beats more and more suspicion. More and more often, the speech, a still-young phenomenon, which describes the increasing hostility towards the industry is of a “Techlash”. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center the share of Americans who say the Internet was good for society has declined considerably.