What goes on in a small boy, listening to arguing parents? The knowing, as you do violence? And how at the end of the father even in the eighth month pregnant mother strangled? The five-year-old son, which was added directly after the fact, and then in a foster family, lived the Trauma. “He killed First the Hamster, the other children in the care of the family so loved,” says Barbara Becker, Deputy head of the Jugendamt, in the hochtaunus district. What a challenge to their authority in such a case, that is, in fact, occurred, showed the desire of the father. “He wanted to have to deal with his son.” Now the question is, what serves the child’s well-being.

Bernhard Biener

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the high Taunus district.

F. A. Z.

A Symposium of the diaconal work in the high Taunus district and the district has been involved in the Oberursel town hall, what happens in cases of domestic violence with the children. 108 Times was called in the past year, the youth welfare office of the Hoch-Taunus nature Park by the police because children were in an apartment, it was the violent quarrel came. In most cases, the man beats the woman. The question of further contact with the child by no means is answered, the speakers clearly.

it was Only in the last few years was the idea that the Experience of violence child is hazardous, said Stefan Heilmann, chief judge at the higher regional court of Frankfurt and honorary Professor at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. “It is a big stress factor and a risk for further development.” The children experienced an existential threat, the bring down your own basic safety. But to refer to a father in the apartment, or from contact with the child to exclude that this was an intervention in the basic law guaranteed rights of parents. “In the Constitution there is, however, no fundamental right of the child.” The violence protection law consider children.

judge not to learn, children correctly

Heilmann consulted called for a stronger “children centering”. All the parties Involved, family courts, youth welfare offices and the police had to protect as a state in the duty of children to. Usually it is difficult, the actual Happen to find out. “If you listen to the other side, both seem to live in other worlds.” A judge must weigh in the question of dealing carefully. “Knowledge is extra-legal base is necessary.”

Additional knowledge required the lüneburg family judge Wolfgang Schaefer and his colleagues. “Children’s hearings judge not to learn, although you can do so much wrong.” The Bad Homburger family judge Friederike Faller told how she creeps to under your Desk, when a five-year-old warps there.

That someone is permanently excluded from contact with his children, is, according to Schäfer, the exception. Violence against the mother is not a reason, even if the child you need to have. “Not all colleagues dealing with new research results”, noted the family court judge. He turned to ideological paradigms, for example, that in the case of violence in the family, in principle, the father should the child not to see more of. “Every decision must be made on a case by case.” Dealing with the father offer the child a Chance, the Experienced process, said Siegmund Richter, head of the child guidance centre of the circle. “Without any contact, the relationship is idealized.”