The plate’s edge is a must for the professional chef. Hundreds of times it has to do on the stove, and Pass the day with him, where he is in the worse kitchens with the line of the horizon is identical, while the better chefs place on him, like pointillist dots, sculptures from vegetables model or with cream and brush expressionism abstract celebrate.

Jakob Strobel y Serra

Deputy head of the cultural pages.

F. A. Z.

Vincent Klink, a very good cook, but to the edge of the plate, he has sheared. Since he is in the kitchen, since more than half a century, his view of the dots and the Tails, in the world of music and art, literature, and the gastro Sophie. It has not hurt him, because that happened to Klink, a universal education of citizens with the apron, the most intellectual, the word’s most powerful, reflecting the most economical chef of his Generation and maybe even the smartest of them all.

That he would be no plate edge cooking, the clinker from the outset. His grandfather was a classical scholar, his father was a veterinarian, his Childhood in the erzkatholischen Schwäbisch-Gmünd, but also of irrepressible pleasure of good food outshines. But the young Vincent felt for a sculptor or a graphic artist called, was to be found due to disastrous grades from the father, however, only a butcher, to internship, to put a cook in the doctrine, finally, Like the professional, opened 25 years ago, his first Restaurant in Schwäbisch-Gmünd, and he was awarded just four years later a Michelin star, he holds, with the exception of a single year-to-date. Since 1991, the “Wieland height is” high above Stuttgart, his culinary home, in the kitchen only cooks with an academic Exemplification busy.

This is not a coincidence, but in the face of the chief is only logical, because Vincent Klink is with the spring at least as nimble as with the cooking spoon. He edited the culinary and literary magazine “The turnip” in the Haffmanns-publishing and the “Culinary almanac” at Klett-Cotta care, together with Wiglaf, the Quarterly Droste is responsible for “chieftain own stove,” and his acclaimed autobiography, under the title “Sitting kitchen bull” published in addition also classical cookbooks written and-thinking foodies are always treasures, such as the recent “fundamentals of gastronomic decency” of the French Gastrosophen Grimod de la Reynière as a gift.