finally, A video that shows a fake Donald Trump and members of the media and his political opponents are shot in the head, neersteekt, and jones has been played at an event for supporters of the president, at his resort in Miami, florida. That’s the message in the newspaper ” The New York times.

also At the event were the speeches are planned by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a former president of the White House, Donald Trump Jr, the son of the president. They have the video cannot be seen on the three-day conference, according to the U.s. newspaper reported. The conference was organized by the American Priority list, a pro-Trumpgroep.

In the video, sitting internetmemes, and the logo of the herverkiezingscampagne of the Home. In the clip, is the head of the president is to be seen in the body of a man who opens fire at the Church of the Fake News. The sites with the logos of the media, such as the face. The images seem to come from the film, ” Kingsman: the secret service’.

as Someone who works in the conference last week and attended the mass, took away his cell phone, and a video from the frames and sent via an intermediary to a journalist from the daily newspaper.

the organiser of The event said in a statement on Sunday in which the images are played back at the conference, as part of an “exhibition of internetmemes”. He denounced the video and said that his organization is investigating what it was like to play in the conference, which was reported in the newspaper, and even more.

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CNN, “target”:

The channel to CNN, it is one of the targets of the attacks shown in the video. In a statement condemning CNN for the pictures. “Unfortunately, this is not the first time that supporters of the president, the violence against the media has promoted a video that they are obviously entertaining, but it is by far the worst,” according to CNN. The channel is called the imagery “despicable and appalling” and calls on the president to see the video to judge.

During the campaign, He said, they don’t have anything there is to know about the video. “That video was not produced by the campaign. We see the violence and not turn a blind eye,” said the spokesman, Tim Murtaugh.

In 2017 tweette He made a similar, but less violent, which he worstelpartij CNN to be overcome. The brutal video, which is now in Miami and has been playing shows in accordance with the New York times – what the language of the Home to the media, his supporters, and has influenced, and has spilled over in to their own propaganda.

Home furious

The Us president, Donald Trump is outraged and strongly condemns the video, which is a false view of him and of the members of the media and political opponents are shot in the head. That puts his spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, is on Twitter.

“for The president, Donald Trump has the video, haven’t seen it, and that he will soon be done, but on the basis of what he has heard, has condemned this video, not at all”, what it sounds like.

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