Do you think you have seen everything in “France has an incredible talent”? Think again ! This November 8 was broadcast the famous contest hosted by Karine Le Marchand on M6. During a new evening of auditions, a candidate did not leave the jury, the public and the viewers indifferent to her unusual performance.

Before arriving on set, host Karine Le Marchand asked the young audience to leave the André Malraux theater hall in Rueil-Malmaison, where the filming of the show is taking place. “The number that will follow is not suitable for their chaste eyes,” she warned, clarifying. “The number you are going to see now is an incredible number, which we have been waiting for years,” concluded the presenter before joining the jury table.

It was then that Béatrice McQueef, a gynecologist from Australia, arrived on the set of the show. Dressed in a white blouse, a skirt and red pumps, the candidate presented herself, dressed to the nines, with a very particular flute number. Without wasting another minute, she aroused the curiosity of the jury by revealing herself in pantyhose and garter belts (watch the clip below).

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“I didn’t expect that at all,” exclaims Éric Antoine in front of a worried Hélène Ségara at what is unfolding before their eyes. And for good reason, the Australian settles down to play the flute with her private parts. And, to rock back on two chairs, legs apart where you can see the instrument inserted into her vagina.

Even before the start of her performance, singer Hélène Ségara pressed her red buzzer. “Wait, you have to hold on like that. He’s an incredible talent,” laughs Marianne James. Not enough to convince comedian and juror Sugar Sammy, a bit embarrassed who disapproved of the number of a red cross.

A performance (blurred on the screen with a cat emoji with a signage “prohibited for children under 10”) which triggered strong reactions from the public. Between bewildered looks, giggles and fits of tears, this daring cover of the nursery rhyme Frères Jacques at the flute also shocked the fans of the show on the web. “When you have no talent you have to get noticed otherwise”, “It’s so embarrassing”, reacted some on Instagram. Others praised its originality. “Béatrice in the office who is recognized by her colleagues”, “My God that I laughed, it feels good this kind of thing, it’s mind-blowing”, laughed Mathieu, the ex-candidate of Love is in Meadow.

At the end of her visit, the Australian Béatrice received two yeses from Éric Antoine and Marianne James while Hélène Ségara and Sugar Sammy sent her two noes. In the event of a tie, the public had the last word (new this year) by deciding between the jurors. The spectators chose not to qualify the candidate for the rest of the adventure. A number that will go down in the annals of the M6 ​​program.