Victorino will deal his first run on postcovid in Herrera del Duque: it Is totally cinqueña


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The legendary currency of Victorino Martin already have the date of your first run on “postcovid”: on the 15th of August, Herrera del Duque . “It will be a run on the fully cinqueña”, ABC explained the rancher. “Some of the bulls could be for places of first , not to Madrid or Bilbao, but Valencia, Málaga or Zaragoza”. In this era of the “new normal”, the seal of the house does not vary: “A run would be”. Victorino had for this year with twenty cinqueños : “I are calling for more sites, to after the 15 of August, and I think I’ll deal all.”

Victorino has not had to send any bull to the slaughter , although “we have to hurry more in the waste of cows and males; ours is very priced and our selection is very clear.” The breeder of bravo is “very excited with the turn, it is thus necessary to again and that this move”.

In Extremadura, the engines have been already started: three of its squares, the aforementioned Herrera, Mérida and Plasencia have closed their posters. “In Extremadura, its president, Guillermo Fernández Vara, was the first, or the first, in support of the return of the bulls and allowed the 75 percent of capacity; business and professional people have been moved by seeing the situation clearly”, explains Victorino Martín. .

In the town in badajoz Herrera del Duque, will give an account of the sextet of the To crowned Manuel Escribano, Jose Garrido and Juan Silva “Johnny”, in a celebration organized by the entrepreneur Joaquín Domínguez and has been presented this morning in the Parador of Merida. The act has counted with the presence of all the protagonists and the mayor of Herrera, Saturnino Alcázar.

in Addition, on August 16, there will be a practical class with students of the School of Bullfighting of Badajoz , with cattle Voltalegre. The poster illustrator is the work of the painter Inmaculada Sánchez.

Regarding the security measures , “it will be mandatory the use of face masks for access to the enclosure and the maximum capacity shall not exceed in any case the 75% occupancy “. And adds the note: “ensures compliance at all times, the sanitary protocol carried out by the regional government of Extremadura for the development of bullfighting due to the current situation caused by the coronavirus”.

Also this morning, Tauroemoción, with Alberto Garcia to the head, has unveiled the hand-to-hand, which will be held August 4, in Plasencia: Enrique Ponce and Emilio Just, with bulls and the Torero.

In Mérida, the casa Matilla has closed two posters with the figures of always, with a combination of luxurious, in tribute to the Borja Domecq, but that’s already signed over a decade ago and without a single wink to the youth. These are the combinations emeritenses: Friday 28 of August, cum a tribute to the Borja Domecq with bulls from Jandilla for Morante de la Puebla, El Juli and Jose Maria Manzanares; Saturday 29 , the bulls of García Jiménez for Enrique Ponce, El Fandi and Miguel Ángel Perera. Interestingly, hours before it was known what these combinations, Apple said yesterday in TVE that there was nothing made: “To day of today, I’m not going to fight…”