The AfD group is in one of the next sessions of the Parliament, again one of their members as Vice-presidents for the election. The group Chairman, Robert Lambrou, announced at the weekend, without mentioning a name.

Ewald Hetrodt

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung in Wiesbaden.

F. A. Z.

As reported, had not come to the AfD candidate Bernd Erich Vohl in the inaugural session of three rounds of voting on 29 votes. The group was represented by 17 deputies, although they had won the state election by 19 seats. Erich Heidkamp, of substitutions, of at the age of 47 deceased Gießeners Nicholas Pethö, was ill. The Deputy Alexandra Walter out of the circle Association Grand-Gerau has not been included in the group. She is suspected to have in social networks right extremist ideas spread. At the inaugural meeting of the group on Friday you have not participated, was it from the AfD. Your mandate can you keep to the Parliament as non-attached members.

AfD calls for “pair play”

Ulrich Wilken (die Linke) had received in the secret election of the Vice-President 77 of 136 votes. Very high public Approval of the members of Frank Lortz (CDU), Heike Hofmann (SPD), Karin Müller (Green party) and Jörg-Uwe Hahn (FDP) achieved.

Each of a functioning, pluralistic democracy requires the game rules of “fair play”, underlined Lambrou. The handling of the established parties with the AfD he called “abundant, disruptive side to it, or even slightly hysterical”, especially since the state legislature have increased the number of Vice presidents from five to six to each group, as it is a good parliamentary custom that a Vice-President. There is no reason to increase the number of Vice-presidents, to deny the “state of law party AfD” this office, said Lambrou. “This will not understand the citizens. Honesty looks different.“

Certain degree of sense of Humor

The Premiere of Boris Rhein (CDU) as President of the Landtag, give rise to the hope that the plenary sessions in this legislature, non-partisan, and with a certain degree of Humor would be directed, said Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, leader of the SPD. Rhein am a convincing squad of deputies, who represent the Parliament as an experienced Deputy worthy and the meetings would be guided with the utmost sovereignty.

The old and new Minister President Volker Bouffier (CDU), the SPD-man, “that he manages, what he has promised to keep the country together and to overcome the social trenches”. The SPD parliamentary group, will accompany the government critical but constructive support. “We social Democrats are looking forward to the democratic competition of various political concepts.”