Viager integrated into life insurance: what does it change, exactly?


It is attracting more and more property owners. And buyers, obviously, find their account there too! The life annuity, long struck by a bad image, could now put an end to its terrible reputation. This is not very surprising! It presents a significant number of advantages for both parties. The buyer has the opportunity to pay less for real estate, while the seller almost systematically retains the enjoyment of the home, which he therefore continues to maintain until his death or until the end of the annuities provided for. . Indeed, certain types of contracts make it possible to avoid the traditional “bet on death” by considering a precise deadline for the payment of the property, even if the payments subsequently benefit a loved one, in the event of the death of the seller. before the expected date.

These guarantees, as Planet has already been able to explain, have convinced 5,500 more owners in 2021. In total, the market is therefore growing by 6% over one year. But did you know that the life annuity is not limited to the sole choice of the type of annuity? It is also possible to opt for other, more exotic shapes. Summary of less common forms of life annuity.

The life annuity, incredibly useful to inflate his retirement pension, can thus be added to the life insurance; which is undeniably the preferred investment of French women and men. A winning combo?

It must be noted, in any case, that certain civil real estate companies (SCI) now make it possible to invest in life annuity, reports the online bank Boursorama on its information site. The opportunity for her to make it easier for seniors to stay at home… But at what cost for sellers?

In practice, however, investing in life via life insurance raises a number of questions. For the time being, it is the company Arkéa Investment Services which opens the voice to such practices through its SCI Silver Avenir. That being said, it is a product designed more for investors than for sellers.

On the side of the latter, it is therefore necessary to know that it is not possible to receive an annuity: the option chosen is that of the 100% bouquet. In addition, the price automatically includes a discount, given that the accommodation will not be available before the death of the seller.

However, this is not the only option you can think of.

In addition to investment in life via life insurance, we must also talk about solidarity life, recalls Boursorama on its site. The latter’s primary objective is to finance the home support of French women and men faced with the loss of autonomy; whether financial or social.

In this case, it is a cooperative society of collective interest (SCIC) which buys the housing of the senior concerned. The latter will first be entitled to a fraction of the agreed sale price, subsequently accompanied by a monthly life annuity. He also no longer has to pay the charges relating to his accommodation.