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Max Verstappen is a blessing for Formula 1 and for the spectacle that is expected of this sport. A natural talent that is expressed with ambition and courage, which are not negotiated or agreed, but that fight. A character now imperative that, in the second act of Silverstone, got his ninth win in F1. Over and above their skills, is the summit reached: to fulminate, to the invincible Mercedes, Hamilton and his car intractable, to his squire to Bottas with the face of lamb… Had to be Verstappen, pure gold in Red Bull. Carlos Sainz ended in a stale thirteenth position.

“have you Not had problems with the tires ? What none?”, asked Hamilton to Verstappen’s nothing more to get off the car, unbelieving the campoeón of the world in the face of what seemed to be a pipe dream this year: a defeat of Mercedes. “For sure it has to do with the pressures of the tyres,” insisted Hamilton after before the microphone of Martin Brundle.

And is that the F1 World was for these guesses. is No one could suspect a victory, oblivious to the couple’s Hamilton-Bottas , except explosion of the tire as happened last Sunday in this same circuit.

Verstappen returned to offer a compendium of virtues. All together and mixed in gave it an unexpected hit, third on the starting grid with two sharks Mercedes ahead. It came to pass that he went out with the wheels silver, the toughest, and his Red Bull he was perfect to that element so crucial in F1, the tire.

The Dutch made a collection of talent, speed, strategy, control and, above all, brazen. is “I am Not a grandmother, today is the only opportunity that we have before them”, released by the radio when your engineer told you to take caution and care with the tires. Verstappen took a chance and won a prize.

Located in the same step that his adversaries at Silverstone, was applied to the task of overtaking the Mercedes when it assessed the problems of degradation of Hamilton and the evidence of a strategy’s lucid Red Bull to the situarle behind Bottas on his first stop. Verstappen is merendó the fragile Finnish newly renovated by Mercedes to the satisfaction of Hamilton.

This time the rubber of the wheels did not cause a rollover, such as last week, and Verstappen was able to celebrate his first victory of the course, the ninth of his life.

it Is also the triumph of the Honda engine , which gave headaches to Alonso and McLaren, now win races.

Remarkable by meritorious career Leclerc , who celebrated with a howl of wolf the fourth place of Ferrari. How is the Italian brand for a fourth to be considered a success. Vettel eventually finished twelfth.

A step further back was ranked Carlos Sainz, probably in your day more mustia of the season. Without many attractions, but there is no option to points and again penalized in the garage of McLaren in a stop to change wheels.

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