In the early 80s, actress Véronique Jannot and singer Laurent Voulzy had a beautiful love story. In the program We redid the TV, broadcast on December 5, 2020, on RTL, the interpreter of “Rockollection” explains that he met Véronique Jannot on a television set. He admitted that he knew the actress thanks to the Pause café series and that he was not insensitive to her charm. While he had to leave the set before everyone else to join another show in Belgium, the singer took the time to slip a note under the door of the actress’ dressing room to tell her that he loved her a lot.

A few months later, Laurent Voulzy crosses paths with Véronique Jannot again at a gala for the benefit of police orphans. During the evening, the actress asks the composer if it was possible to write her a song. This is how their love story began and the songs “Desire, Desire” and “Aviator” were born.

“We were together for a long time. It lasted ten years. We laughed a lot … It was a great and beautiful story”, confided Véronique Jannot to host Frédéric Lopez after watching a sequence in which she sings with Laurent Voulzy in the program La parenthèse inexpectante. Guest of Chez Jordan for Télé-Loisirs this November 13, 2022, Véronique Jannot returned to the reason for her separation from the singer. “Laurent is an eternal teenager and that at some point, I may have needed something else,” she confided. “At the same time, this bond of teenagers that we had is absolutely wonderful. And I have only wonderful memories with him,” confessed the actress. The two artists are still very close despite their separation. “Laurent, I love him. He is someone who is part of my life and my heart,” she said. The two lovers have also sung again together in The secret box, broadcast on October 9, 2020 on France 3.