Veranos de la Villa: emotion and neatness


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a long time ago that the dance was the Courtyard of the Conde Duque , a space that for years was one of the lungs of the cultural summer in madrid; by the old barracks have passed great figures of music and dance international. The re-opening on him from the Veranos de la Villa –a festival which the previous municipal officers crossed out– has so much flavor to a reunion, especially with the current circumstances. Has opened the curtain on the National Dance Company , directed by Joaquin de Luz, that will be until Sunday, with all tickets already sold; the madrileños, like all spaniards, are eager to return to the theatres.

that emotion that is felt in a atypical stalls is spread to the stage; in fact, it is a round trip, a circle closed. Although it is a contained emotion; the prudence and the fear of the pandemic lead to extremes like that to two spectators at the end of the show stood up to applaud the artists solicited for the ushers to return to sit. Let’s hope that little by little the spontaneity can return to the theatres.

In the scenario itself is already living the normal full. And the National Dance Company the mark Joachim of Light, an artist born in the ranks of the Ballet of Victor Ullate and that has developed most of his career in the united States; specifically, in their two major companies: the American Ballet Theatre and the New York City Ballet.

Precisely at the heart of this set was born, “A Suite of Dances,” the piece that has meant the return to the scenarios of one’s own Joaquin Light, retired from almost two years ago. It is a single on the various movements of the Suites for cello of Bach that Jerome Robbins created for Mikhail Baryshnikov. Light is a dancer radiant, dancing contagious, and in this moment of your life oozes maturity. We saw in this beautiful dialogue with the cello, and is also seen in the making of the programme, made up –except the step to two initial Bournonville, a choreographer unjustly little remembered by the CND– piece neoclassical fleeing complacency and seek above all the harmony and beauty of the movement, and the dancers of the ensemble knew how to express with honesty and emotion.

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