in the Midst of the power struggle between Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and the Opposition of the Chairman of the Opposition-dominated Parliament has been taken, briefly, as opponents of the government and his wife said. Therefore, Juan Guaidó was discharged on Sunday from the staff of the secret service, as he was on his way to a meeting outside of the capital, Caracas. Nearly an hour after his arrest Guaidós wife informs via Twitter that her husband had been freed again.

“I’m with him now,” said the wife of the politician, Fabiana Rosales, in the short message service Twitter. “Thank you to all who have responded immediately with support on the abuses of my husband by the dictatorship.” Together they would drive to the rally in front of the capital, Caracas. On the way there was Guaidó been previously arrested.

After Maduro’s controversial inauguration had challenged the President of the Parliament the head of state is open. On Friday, he announced, to assume the presidency temporarily and elections to be fixed. He referred to the Constitution of the South American country and asked the population and the armed forces to support.

Despite protests at home and abroad had Maduro on Thursday for a second term swearing in. Numerous States, international organizations and the Venezuelan Opposition referred to his re-election last year as undemocratic.

The organization of American States (OAS) not to recognize Maduro as a legitimate President. The United States and the EU have called on the head of state to return to democracy. The Parliament has for the 23. Called for January mass protests against the controversial head of state Maduro.