in view of the escalating crisis of the state in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro and the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó advertise the support of the armed forces. “Always loyal, never a traitor”, shouted the soldiers during a visit to Maduro on Sunday at the 41. Brigade in the fortress Paramacay. In the case of an Exercise of the head of state, ran in the run to the side of the Minister of defense Vladimir Padrino by the barracks. He went on a military boat and was on a naval base, Arm-in-Arm with soldiers.

Guaidó, meanwhile, tries to attract soldiers to his side. On Twitter, he published the adopted by Parliament law on Amnesty, which guarantees the military impunity if they take part in the restoration of the democratic order. “Distributed to the military in your family, among your friends and neighbors,” he wrote. Oppositional deputies and student leaders handed the document to officials of the national guard.

“soldier of the Fatherland, today I give you a command: to Shoot not to the Venezuelan people, under pressures no peaceful demonstrations,” said Guaidó on Sunday. “It is time to stand on the side of the Constitution.”

Guaidó want announced more protests

For the next week, he will be new protests. On Wednesday, people across the country should go against the government of Maduro on the road, he said. “Our demands are: The armed forces are to stand on the side of the people and the humanitarian aid through, and we have already requested in the world,” said Guaidó.