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The rapper spaniard Josep Miquel Arenas, known as Valtonyc , has become to point to Pablo Iglesias as an ideologue of the song which he published against the monarchy, for which he was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for glorifying terrorism and grave insults to the Crown.

So says in an open letter issued from Brussels, where the rapper lives fled from the Spanish Justice: “ Whom I commissioned the song that led me into exile is vice-president of Spain and neither have I ever seen it as an opportunity to return”.

After the departure of the King emeritus Juan Carlos of the country, Valtonyc notes that it is “exiled for insulting the Crown, and to have made apology of terrorism, and it turns out that he did not say any lies about the Monarch”, and says that “ the only terrorists in the whole of Spain are the jihadists fellows of the CNI , who did not want to stop an attack in Catalonia for later use against the referendum”. It also asserts that the departure of Juan Carlos de Borbón does not affect “the least” and that there is “nothing to celebrate” until “the fall of the regime” of the 78.

When Valtonyc says it does not see an opportunity in the fact that Churches were the one who asked the song, is hinting that he might ask having in his court case, but it does not because it does not have “no confidence in the courts or in salvapatrias Spanish”. And continues: “that Is why, since I’m in Brussels and I share a trench with the rest of the exiles, as I have been participating in projects related to the independence, and encabezarlos as a computer programmer.

to Build the Catalan Republic is a tangible, non-sterile as wanting to save the miraculously in the Spanish State , totally polluted of franco, where he does not save any institution. You have already seen that the Spanish Government is the most progressive of the history process fully respects the disgusting decision of the Royal House”.

Not is much less the first time that Valtonyc points to Paul’s Churches as an ideologue of the song of yore. Already did in the letter of the theme, to include the verse “Yeah, it is Valtonyc for the Tuerka” , in allusion to the television program of the leader of we Can, where it issued several special dedicated to the rap, in which also participated Pablo Hasel , sentenced to nine months in prison for the same thing: glorifying terrorism and libel and slander against the monarchy.

When Valtonyc was tried in the Audiencia Nacional, affirmed before the court that Paul’s Churches had commissioned the song for The Tuerka. “I was told that the issue had to be the Monarchy. They hung on his channel and it’s still there”. is at The exit of the judgment, declared to the press that Churches had let them down for not to sympathize with him, that he had “one foot in prison”. But a day before they fulfill the term to enter in prison, the rapper hinted that not pisaría any correctional facility to release this statement: “Tomorrow we are going to break down the door of my house to put in jail. For a few songs. Tomorrow Spain is going to do the ridiculous, one more time. Not what I’m going to get so easy, desobeceder is legitimate and obligation in the face of this fascist state. Here not pays anyone.” Twenty-four hours later, I was in Belgium.

The verses of discord

The song, titled “Not Bourbon” , was a barrage of accusations and descalificativos the King emeritus, and members of the Royal House in general, with phrases like “the King has an appointment in the town square, a noose around the neck and you drop the weight of the law.” Other parts of the letter say: “The King Bourbon and its moved, I don’t know if he was hunting elephants or went to hookers, they are things that cannot be explained”; “why does not fracture the head and not the hip?”; “Sarcastic as the King giving a hand to Gaddafi and after celebrating having oil easy (bastard), it may be that the Republic only become fossils, but we remain us, and the King’s business.” Also spoke to occupy the palace of Marivent “with a Kalashnikov”, and it has more for the monarchy in other songs such as “Herbes mesclades”, where it says: “the Bourgeois, neither you nor anyone will make me change my mind, you bastard, follow the act of shooting at the Bourbon. Miguel Angel Blanco, Carrero Blanco (shooting)… Bah… not anymore. Now plays Juan Carlos “.

Also it has “dedicated” songs to other figures of Spanish politics , in which you can hear phrases like “Mutilaré Of Cospedal”; “De Cospedal do not laugh so much in a hideout at forty degrees”; “I will Kill Esperanza Aguirre, but before then I will see how your child lives between rats”; “An attack against Montoro another achievement pa us socialicemos the means of production shots and fuck the votes”; or “a License to kill, will be few alive, I end up with left, the PSOE, and also CiU”.

The rapper has always been defended by arguing that their lyrics are “allegorical and symbolic”.

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